Director: Egorov Dmitry Valerievich
Phone: (8352) 45-94-88, 45-95-96
Address: 428018, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, st. Afanasyeva, 13, room 2

General information:

The company "INBRES" is focused on the implementation of complex projects for the creation of secondary systems (relay protection, automatic control system, SSPI, TM, etc.) of high and medium voltage power facilities, using domestic equipment and software.

LLC INBRES is a production and engineering company, a strategic partner of LLC NPP Bresler, which is a leading domestic developer and manufacturer of relay protection devices, automation, and software for the power industry.

Products and services:

The company "INBRES" develops and manufactures a wide range of integrated solutions intended for the automation of energy facilities, industry and infrastructure:

  • Automation systems for substations and electrical parts of power plants (ACSTP, SSPI, ACS E), which implement a full set of functions for effective management of a power facility;
  • Telemechanics equipment (TM) and operational interlocking of disconnectors (OBR), as well as automated dispatch control systems (ASDU), which ensure reliable and safe remote control of equipment of newly built, reconstructed and existing energy and power supply facilities;
  • A complex of innovative solutions for the creation of digital substations (DSP) of various architecture, including secondary systems (relay protection, automatic control system, PA, RAS, etc.) and intelligent power equipment (switchgear, low-voltage switchgear, KTP);
  • A complex of innovative solutions for the creation of intelligent distribution networks, including SCADA, TM, relay protection and automation devices, short-circuit and earth-fault detection devices, OMP devices, intelligent switching devices.

In addition, the INBRES company carries out complex supplies and commissioning of the following solutions of NPP Bresler LLC:

  • A full line of relay protection and automation equipment for high (110-220 kV) and medium (6-35 kV) voltage facilities, certified for use by JSC Russian Grids;
  • Equipment and software for registering emergency events (RAS) and determining the location of damage (OMP) for overhead and cable lines, including analytical software WinBres, which has more than 2200 installations in Russia, and a unique complex of wave OMP;
  • Complex solutions for neutral grounding in 6-35 kV networks, including primary and secondary equipment (DGR, DGR automation complex, protection against single-phase ground faults, identification of a damaged feeder);
  • Devices of high-speed automatic transfer switch (BAVR) for substations and switchgear 6-35 kV, providing uninterrupted power supply to the most critical consumers.

The developments of "INBRES" are focused on improving the reliability of power supply, preventing emergencies and reducing damage if they occur.

Все оборудование и ПО разработано и производится в России, что гарантирует максимальный уровень независимости от импортных компонентов и технологий, дает оптимальную стоимость реализации и позволяет оказывать оперативную техническую поддержку. При этом ПТК не уступает ведущим зарубежным аналогам и учитывает сложившуюся специфику отечественной энергетики. В частности, помимо полнофункциональных АСУ ТП подстанций высокого и сверхвысокого напряжения на базе ПТК «ИНБРЭС» легко реализуются и бюджетные решения по системам телемеханики, учета и диспетчеризации для распределительных сетей и промышленных предприятий.

INBRES takes an active part in scientific and practical conferences and exhibitions in the field of relay protection and automation of electric power systems in Russia.

The high scientific and technical potential of NPP Bresler and the significant experience of the INBRES team allow us to implement the most complex and responsible projects with high quality, on time and at minimal cost.